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Tiina’s curiosity and love for food started already early as a child. She grew up in Tallinn, where Mum baked fresh butter buns every Saturday and she spent summers on the island of Saaremaa, where her father was from. Saaremaa was and still is a nature paradise. Thanks to its mild climate and lime-rich soil, Saaremaa has very diverse offering of natural ingredients. Her father loved the ocean and taught Tiina everything possible about seafood. He also knew some Russian sailors who brought him seafood and special ingredients from all over Europe, that he excitedly shared with Tiina. This way, she was able to have special food journeys already then and to taste foods noone else in Tallinn had even heard of.


Rooted from these experiences, traveling and food are now her life! The experiences, flavours and recipes she finds through her travels – she wants to share with others – this is her ultimate passion and her endless source of inspiration. She knows the latest trends and keeps you on the edge, she is always two steps ahead. She wants to challenge, even thrill but at the end it is the ultimate food experience she wants to share!


Located just outside of Kadriorg, Salt is a friendly place where the dishes are not only pleasing to the eye - but also to the palate. It offers progressive social food which leaves customer a feeling they are visiting a good friend not a fancy restaurant. To keep the menu fresh Tiina and the team are constantly traveling the world to discover new tastes which inspire them. Each plate at SALT is a little piece of art and combines fresh, often locally grown, ingredients with a certain amount of imagination.

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The best flavors in the world come from the street. Stereo Street Food brings us vibrant, innovative new generation street flavors, inspired primarily by the traditions and heritage of South America, but we are also inspired by other street food meccas around the world and use the talent of our local northern nature to create a flavor-packed street fusion. Our motto is to make Stereo, located in the heart of the city, a cosmopolitan meeting place with a focus on taste pleasure and stylish wine enjoyment, focusing on natural and ecologically clean sparkling wines.

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