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“Ordering a new dish at Salt is like jumping in at the deep end: the food is inspired by cuisines of very distant and exotic places and so it is impossible to know what their Salt interpretation tastes like or even consists of. Therefore, Salt is recommended especially for risk-takers and novelty lovers – the tastes hail from Peru, Laos, Sweden, China, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and the list goes on.The food always surprises. Normally, the surprise is pleasant; on rare occasions, the underlying concept is taken a step too far, too. But surprises are backed up by more permanent things, such as the seasonal cep carpaccio in the autumn and the grilled octopus with crispy potatoes and perselata that have stayed on the menu almost from the beginning. The waiter mentions that is due to the clients’ demand, neither can be discontinued any time soon. Unlike the rollercoaster menu, the interior is minimalist - bare bones and nothing more. Rush hours lend the space a friendly elbow feeling - literally and figuratively...” – From the White Guide Baltic 2018

Restaurant SALT

Vase 14, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 5188510

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